TCM Event Recap: Baby Food Made Easy

We had our biggest turn out yet at the TCM Event this past weekend. My sister Marie did a great job of hosting us all and teaching us tons about simple and easy to make healthy and low cost baby food. We got to taste test a lot of various baby foods, and found out that some of the creations are great for the whole family.

Some of the topics we covered included: signs of readiness, how to introduce foods, what to watch for, what foods to start with and what foods to delay, age appropriate textures, health fats, iron sources for babies, supplements to consider, how to make mealtime fun for the whole family, why make your own food, simple and easy baby food recipes that pack in a lot of nutrition, and easy storage ideas.

We were lucky to have photographer Megan Crown with us to document the event!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you missed it and would like a handout, feel free to email me at and ask for one! I’d be happy to send email it over. Happy eating!

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