Breastfeeding and Latch Videos

compiled by Melanie and Kate

We talk quite often towards the end of pregnancy about breastfeeding and try our best at giving a good visual (Kate does a fabulous demonstration with puppets!). We also work a lot in the initial postpartum days at helping with a great latch, good positioning, and preserving those tender tissues. It can be nice to watch breastfeeding videos before and after baby arrives to get a good visual showing how baby latches, what active sucking looks like, and what swallowing sounds like. The best way to learn how to breastfeed, is to watch how its done. Take a half hour, make yourself a cuppa, and enjoy watching all of the beautiful babes and their moms.

Here is a 28 hour old baby with an assisted latch. This is an asymmetrical latch with more areola on the bottom in baby’s mouth than the top. Ideally, we’d like to see even more areola in the baby’s mouth, but this is a good demonstration of how to tickle the baby’s lips and bring baby on the breast.

This shows a great latch and good visual of baby getting a mouthful of colostrum. You can really see this baby actually sucking and swallowing, instead of just playing at the breast.

You can see the muscles in the jaw moving and see baby swallowing. We would still like to see a better latch from this baby with more areola in the baby’s mouth, but as long as the mother isn’t feeling pain, we know this baby is getting plenty of milk from all of that swallowing!

A much better latch. No areola showing!

A great animation of how far back the nipple needs to be for a good, deep latch vs. a shallow latch. (My least part of this video is when it says that breastfeeding is instinctive to babies, but not mothers. In reality, I think it is a bit of a learning experience for both mamas and babies. The visuals are good though in showing how deep the nipple needs to go, so that is the part to pay attention to.)

This one shows the importance of a deep latch. If baby is just sucking on the tip, it doesn’t get much milk. But if it is sucking farther back, it will get plenty!

Here is a great video on breast massage and hand expression!

This is a great video which shows how to hand express. You will need to “register” to be able to view the video, after which a link will be sent to your email box for viewing. It is worth the extra step!

This one is not in english, but shows a good visual for hand expression:

Here is a video showing Biological Nurturing, or Laid Back Breastfeeding, showing how comfortable moms can be during nursing!

Please share any favorite videos you have on breastfeeding! We still haven’t found a good one which shows the “hamburger” latch, but you can look forward to a demonstration of that by Kate at one of your future visits. In the meantime, notice how you take a bite of a big hamburger or tall sandwich. It will give you an idea of how a little baby’s mouth can take in a whole big areaola during nursing. Enjoy!

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