DIY for Baby

by Anna Bartels, TCM Apprentice

Stocking up for baby can be overwhelming sometimes.  Everyone has an opinion about their favorite baby necessity.  And there are so many fun, cute things that you don’t necessarily need, but you would love to have.  It’s easiest to buy whatever you decide upon, but price is always a factor to consider.  For those of you who are crafty and can work a sewing machine, making some fun or needed baby items can be a great project.  Here are some of my favorite Do-It-Yourself sewing projects for babies!

Baby leg warmers.  Probably the cutest thing ever.  Here’s an easy tutorial on how to create your own from socks:

Almost as cute as leg warmers are those darling little shirt sacks for babies.  How many of us have old t-shirts from various activities (sports teams, college, concerts) lying around?  Here’s a tutorial on making baby sacks out of your old t-shirts.

Car seats in cold weather = quite the hassle.  A darling tutorial for a car seat blanket that you can pull straps through so baby is warm AND strapped in securely.

Jazz up your tired car seat with a fresh car seat cover.

So many brands, styles, opinions, advice.  Cloth diapers!  Here’s a website that links to tutorials and patterns so you can make whatever style of cloth diaper your heart desires.

Pair your homemade cloths diapers with DIY cloth wipes and wipe solution.

Make your own Moby-style wrap.

Here’s a more intricate pattern for a baby swaddle.  And a doll-sized version to match.

TOYS!  Even though so many babies develop a preference for our toys, like phones, keys, ipads, etc, there are some cute homemade versions to keep baby busy for a bit.

Happy Sewing!

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