TCM Event: Chiropractic Care

Megan Crown Photography joined us for our TCM Event earlier this month. We originally had three chiropractors lined up for this panel discussion: Sharon Williams Prahl (Network Chiropractic Center, 7600 Parklawn Ave # 349, Edina, MN 55435, (952) 835-5523), Jamie Titus, and Amber Moravec. It was good that we had three planned, because as the morning approached, only Sharon was able to join us!

We had plenty to talk about, and we could have kept learning from Sharon for hours! Below are a few photos. Sharon reminds us: “Everyone gets excited about inversions: Remember to only place baby head down 25-35 degrees till they have had their upper neck checked by a chiropractor. Otherwise challenges can be worsened. 

The benefit is stimulating the sense organs between the babes vertebra and in their skull and musculature so they re-balance and come in to greater ease. Parents see better coordination, greater ease with transitions, and better nursing, play and sleep rhythms.”

As a midwife, I have seen time and time again the benefits of chiropractic care for pregnancy, labor, and newborn issues. If you haven’t already met one of these fabulous chiropractors, consider scheduling an appointment to meet with them soon!

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