Twin Cities Midwifery is growing!

I am pleased and excited to announce the opening of a second Twin Cities Midwifery prenatal visit location out of White Bear Lake!

In an effort to offer TCM families more convenience and opportunities in wellness care, we have acquired a space at Synergy Family Physicians. This wonderful facility houses several experts in health and wellness, allowing you to get a chiropractic adjustment, massage, acupuncture appointment, or meet your family pediatrician on the same trip as your prenatal visit!

Many TCM moms and babies have already enjoyed chiropractic care by Amber Moravec of Naturally Aligned, who practices there, and numerous TCM families are pleased with the excellent well-baby and family care provided by Synergy Physicians, Dr. Perry and Dr. Carpenter. In providing a Twin Cities Midwifery prenatal visitation room within this establishment, I hope to provide families with the opportunity to see multiple members of their health care team all in one place!

The Minneapolis location remains available for families in the central or western part of the cities.

Please call (651-335-1283) or email ( to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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