Introducing Emily Hall!

I have had the honor of introducing some amazing people here on the TCM blog, but I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as moved by any of the interviews as much as have from this one. I first met Emily Hall at Blooma, where she was teaching her class, “To Be Woman. To Be Mother.” (which I now highly recommend to every mom I know). A number of friends recommended her class to me and they were sure I would love it, but I was really on the fence about going. Just a few minutes after the class started, I knew that I was in for a treat. Emily also practices as a Body Intuitive, which is sometimes hard to explain in words (although, she does a great job of it, below). Since I first met her, I know quite a few friends and TCM moms who have met her and worked with her, and everyone I know who has met her has always been throughly impressed and grateful for their interaction with her. I incredibly honored that Emily has offered to lead our next TCM event (next Monday already, June 19th!). So enjoy this little taste of Emily here, and then be sure to join us for the TCM event on Monday, or check out Emily at one her classes at Blooma soon. If you’d like to learn more about her private practice or her upcoming class schedule, be sure to find Emily at Your Intuitive Body. Enjoy!

Emily HallName: Emily Hall

Occupation: Body Intuitive/Energy work practitioner, Registered Nurse, writer, educator, and Mom.

Family: Ben (husband), Anders and Aurora are my five year old twins.

Home town: Delano, Minnesota

Lives in: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Favorite weekday dinner: I love to cook and attempt to add fun, new variety to our meals, but honestly, since I generally assemble 3 meals a day 7 days a week I would say my favorite weekday dinner is one I do not prepare!

FavoriteWorkout: Canoeing, hiking, and kickboxing classes..I do continue to push my double stroller at a slow jog once in a while.

Favorite downtime activity: To be in Nature; with my children and husband or all by myself. I love silence and the ability to zone out, and just be quiet. Kind of funny, but I think my favorite downtime activity is my ability to find peace with doing nothing and if that can happen in nature all the better. 🙂

Kate: When did you learn about intuitive bodywork and what was your journey to become an intuitive bodyworker?
Emily: Intuitive bodyworker, or Body Intuitive, are titles my sister came up with that I felt really resonated with my work. The name of my business is Your Intuitive Body, and thru my work I assist people with listening to the messages, and voice, of their body.

My journey to becoming an Intuitive bodyworker started as a little girl growing up with land, on a hobby farm, and appreciating everything one could hear when we were silent and listening. My professional road began about seventeen years ago when I started studying various forms of meditation, natural healing, and energy work; like Reiki, and Healing touch. This study of health and healing took me into the medical world as well. I am a Registered Nurse (thirteen years) and specialized in the fields of Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, Postpartum and Newborn Intensive Care. The beautiful field of Nursing took me to the Amazon Jungle in Peru for a bit, camp nurse at Ymca camp, and out to Oregon. The majority of my career was at HCMC here in Minneapolis, with an amazing variety of experiences that strengthened my love of people and desire to support them on their road to health. I have training in western herbalism and have a deep respect for plant and nature medicine. Lastly, I am a minister, with American Ministries, performing infant/child blessing celebrations, weddings, end of life ceremonies. What I love about all of my experiences is the ability to walk in health, healing and celebration with an individual for some moments on their journey in life.

Kate: Tell me a bit about your practice. 
Emily: I am located in Uptown and work with women, men and children. Each visit is approximately 90 minutes -although length of time with children vary-. This is an energy work practice. What that means is, it is a clothing-on therapy, which includes gentle laying of hands on specific points on the body. This action provides a powerful and gentle way of allowing our bodies to communicate and work to heal. Each session opens with a conversation about any specifics one would like addressed, utilizes a massage table for comfort and energy work, and closes with a conversation about specifics one’s body had to communicate and a possible pathway to balance.

Kate: For people who have never worked you before, how would you describe what you do and what they could expect at their first visit?
Emily: Our bodies have a voice. Each one of us has a message to share. Every part of us is reaching out to communicate its’ needs to live a balanced whole life. I assist people to hear that communication and possible steps to take action to support their body in a balanced approach. For the first visit, we discuss what areas someone one would like support. Wether it is physical ailments, emotional support, or curiosity and how they feel they are already supporting themselves in this process and how energy work can complement traditional medical practices. From there, I explain the concepts of the various forms of energy work I utilize, and how I believe energy works with our body to assist in healing. We have dialogue throughout our session as we uncover some of the bodies messages. Clients generally find this practice, enlightening, refreshing, and therapeutic.

Kate: Are their certain issues/problems that people commonly come to you with?
Emily: The beauty of this work is everyone is welcome, because tapping into our own messages in new ways is beautiful tool for all us on our journey in life. The diversity of my background assists me with a wide variety of clients. I support people experiencing a variety of physical and health challenges, emotional support and spiritual awareness and frustrations.

Kate: How would you say that you are unique from other bodyworkers or energy practitioners in the community?
Emily: I am good at listening, and from that deep place of silence so much information is shared. With my understanding of the body, it’s energy, and its silence I assist my clients in finding their words and a possible path forward.

Kate: What is the best part of your job?
Emily: Meeting with people wherever they are on their journey in life, listening, and assisting them in coming to a place of calm awareness and discovering a possible road toward balance and forward momentum with joy.

Kate: Do you work with pregnant moms often?
Emily: Yes,big yes. I love the journey of motherhood in it’s entirety. To me pregnant mom begins when we are thinking of babies and if/when we want children. The path of our fertility, our pregnancy and beyond is as beautiful and unique as we are and I appreciate the honor of supporting any part of the process.

Kate: You are also a mom. How does being a mom affect your work as an intuitive bodyworker?
Emily: I have 5 year old twins. Being a mom has changed, challenged, and beautified my life more than any other experience I have ever had..and it continues.

Infants and children are such amazing vessels of energy. Their methods of communication often seem simplistic, but they have such beauty and strength in their non-verbals. As a body intuitive, mother, and RN these roles have given me such joy, excitement and understanding working with the often silent language of our children. Often, I share with my clients, that English (or whatever is spoken in your home) is not the first language of your child. It is the first learned language. My two children have taught, and continue to teach me on a daily basis about the silent languages of energy. These lessons have shaped me as a mother and more, and I value and appreciate greatly.

Emily and her twins, Anders and Aurora

Emily and her twins, Anders and Aurora

Kate: Do you have any advice you’d like to share with our pregnant readers?
Emily: Often when we are pregnant, especially if it is our first, we focus solely on the needs of our baby. ie. How will what we eat or drink affect our child, what activities we engage in, and even our thought patterns. All of this is important and necessary! Our journey of motherhood starts during pregnancy and how we care for our children in-utero matters to us and their development. My advice is, as you are reading books and listening to the wisdom of the women who have gone before you, to gently remind yourself that this is your journey. Gather all the information you want, and at the end of the day go inside your body and soul and ask what matters to you. What brings you excitement. Remind yourself that your body matters, yes because you are carrying a precious Being, but also because it is Your body, Your Being. That beautiful babe growing in you will benefit from all the love you share as you feed and nourish it’s development. This baby(s) will also benefit from the peace and joy you feel when you are stepping back into You and finding excitement and strength in the individual you are, because by loving ourselves, even in pregnancy, we are teaching our children to love themselves.

Kate: That is a powerful statement Emily, and something that is often forgotten as we do everything we can to learn “how to parent” and how to add a baby to the family…so just to reiterate this amazing point, and allow it to sink in, let me repeat, “That beautiful babe growing in you will benefit from all the love you share as you feed and nourish it’s development. This baby(s) will also benefit from the peace and joy you feel when you are stepping back into You and finding excitement and strength in the individual you are, because by loving ourselves, even in pregnancy, we are teaching our children to love themselves.”

Kate: Do you have any advice you’d like to share with our post birth, new mom and new dad readers?
Emily: There is a lot of helpful, intelligent advice out there..blogs, books, friends, family. Gather all the information you want. At the end of the day, or when you are overwhelmed from all the useful advice, sit back, sigh, and ask yourself; how do you mean to go on. Parent from the place of love within you. Release the guilt, of ‘I have to do it like…(insert book title, friend or family name)’. Ask what is important to me as a parent, and what traits do I love about myself that I would like my children to absorb and appreciate while living in this world. Love yourself thru the process of parenting, and occasionally remember, in this fast paced world slowing down benefits everyone. Take time to listen to the silent languages. 

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