Beautiful Breastfeeding Mamas

Last week was World Breastfeeding Week. Over the course of the week I loved seeing so many breastfeeding stories pop up on Facebook and in my email box. I noticed a lot of celebrity breastfeeding photos, which I thought was great. But seeing them made me wish that I was seeing photos of more local mamas nursing as well. I put out a call on the TCM Facebook page asking for non-celebrity photos, for “normal” moms to send in their breastfeeding selfies (or even professional shots).

As the photos came in, I was touched by each one, by the love from mom to babe, and love from babe to mom. Nursing is something that moms do for hours and hours. Every day, day after day (and night after night!). As I write this, I think of just my clients, and I know it is likely that at least a handful of them are nursing at this very moment. Then I think of all of the women in our amazing community here in the twin cities, and soooo many of them are probably nursing at this very moment. And then thinking about our country, and the whole world, and that is a lot of nursing mamas that are feeding their babies RIGHT NOW! Sometimes nursing can be a lonely job. Even though in includes two people, those nursing sessions can get long and emotionally challenging. So for those moms who are in that boat right now, I just want you to know that there are A LOT of other women doing exactly what you are doing right now. And also that while those nursing days can be long, wow they pass quickly! I heard from one mom who sent a photo that she thinks was of the last time her child nursed. She didn’t know it at the moment that the photo was taken, but looking back realized that it was. Sometimes it is hard to image that you will ever be done nursing! And then that time comes and it is hard to believe how quickly it is already over.

I so enjoyed these precious photos, and I hope you do too. Thank you to all of the amazing women who sent them over to share with all of you.

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