Announcing the 2014 TCM holiday coloring contest!

Twin Cities Midwifery is excited to announce its 2014 holiday coloring contest! We invite children of all ages to pull out their crayons, markers, and finger paints, and create a seasonal picture for Twin Cities Midwifery. The winner will be featured on this year’s holiday greeting card, which will be sent out to all of our families. Runner-ups will be shared here on the TCM blog.

Please email a high quality scan of the art work to, or send an email to Kate to arrange a way to drop off your child’s art. Submissions will also be collected at the TCM event on November 15th.

Please include the child’s name and age with each submission.

All submissions must be received no later than Monday, December 1st to be considered for the holiday card. Happy creating!

Check out 2012’s winners and runner-ups here, and 2011’s winners and runner-ups here!

One thought on “Announcing the 2014 TCM holiday coloring contest!

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