Cloth Diapers

For anyone who has ever thought of using cloth diapers you know that there is a lot of great information out there, but it can be overwhelming to try and sift through everything. Below is some helpful information to get you thinking about cloth diapers.

There are five general types of cloth diapers:

  1. Prefolds – Prefolds are rectangular in shape and flat, require you to fold them into a desired shape, and then fasten on baby and add a cover over the top. Covers can be as simple as wool pull-ons, or as technically advanced as waterproof and quick-dry diaper shells.                                                                                                 Prefold Diaper Ex
  2. Fitted – Fitted diapers are diapers that consist of multiple layers of absorbent material, have leg and back elastic, and fasten on baby with snaps or hook and loop closures. They don’t have a waterproof outer layer, and therefore require that some kind of a waterproof cover be used.              Fitted Diaper Ex
  3. Pocket diapers – Pocket diapers are made up of a waterproof cover that has a “stay dry” lining that acts as a pocket between the lining and the cover. This allows you to insert an absorbent pad into the pocket. Pocket diapers do not require a cover.       Pocket Diaper Ex
  4. All-in-Ones –  AIO diapers are a one-piece-diaper that consists of a set of absorbency layers that are sewn inside of an outer waterproof cover. Since the absorbency layers are sewn into the cover there is no stuffing required and you do not need a separate cover.                                                           AIO Diaper Ex
  5. Hybrid (or All-in-Two’s) – Hybrid diapers are called “hybrid” because they can use both cloth and disposable material. The diaper consists of a reusable cloth diaper cover into which you insert either a disposable insert or a washable cloth insert.Hybrid Diaper Ex

*Check out this YouTube video to see examples of the different cloth diaper types listed above.

If you’re considering cloth diapers, below are some diapering “accessories” to keep in mind:

  1. Wet bag for those on-the-go diaper changes.
  2. Cloth wipes instead of using disposable wipes. Check out this TCM blog post on cloth wipes for more information.
  3. Diaper sprayer for rinsing off dirty diapers.
  4. Flushable liners if you’re concerned about touching poopy diapers.
  5. Laundry detergent for your cloth diapers that is free of enzymes, dyes, fragrances, brighteners, softeners, and bleach.
  6. Diaper rash cream that is cloth diaper friendly.

Still not sure what you think? Check out some helpful resources below:

  1. Dirty Diaper Laundry and View Along the Way both have great information on anything and everything related to cloth diapers.
  2. In case you still want more information, Kelly’s Closet is another great resource.
  3. Curious about how much money you might save using cloth vs. disposable diapers? Check out this online calculator for a rough estimate.

Are you interested in more information about cloth diapers? Check out the free cloth diapers classes offered at various locations through Do Good Diaper Service (see their website for updated class times and information) and All Things Diapers in Blaine.

TCM also has a cloth diaper library, so if you’re curious about what any of the cloth diaper types listed above are like, you can check it out at your next prenatal visit.

Happy diapering!


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