Grief and Loss Support Resources

It can be difficult to know how to care for and support a friend, loved one, or even yourself through grieving a miscarriage or loss. Thankfully, there a lot of support resources available in the Twin Cities, and below are a few that we found. If you see any that are missing please leave them in the comments.

This is a great list of Loss Support and Education groups across the Twin Cities that was compiled by Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota.

PHA Wellness offers a Miscarriage Support Group for women (linked here for more information).

Here is a list of therapists, some of whom have additional training in supporting women with loss.

The Growing Through Loss series is offered twice a year by the  Twin Cities’ North Suburban Grief Support Coalition and provides an opportunity for individuals to obtain information and support for a variety of loss and grief issues.

Edina Coalition for Grief Support focuses on education and group support in a safe and confidential environment for adults who are experiencing grief as a result of the death of a loved one.

A Grandparent Support Group for Pregnancy and Loss is available through United Hospital. Its purpose is for participants to share their story of loss with each other and receive helpful information on supporting  adult children in their journey of grief.  The group will meet the 5th Monday of months that have one. March-June-August and November from 5-6:30pm. Contact Annette at 651-241-6206 for more information.

Faith’s Lodge: A Place Where Hope Grows. In its North Woods setting, Faith’s Lodge provides a peaceful escape for families to refresh their minds and spirits while spending time with others who understand what they are experiencing.

The Facebook group, A Bed For My Heart, is another community available for those looking for support or how to support someone suffering the loss of a miscarriage.

Blooma has a Sisterhood of Loss group. For more details contact Blooma.

Various alternative and complimentary modalities can also be helpful in moving through grief and loss. Consider mayan abdominal massage, chiropractic care, acupressure, homeopathy, massage, yoga, and flower essences. One flower essence specific for this purpose is Phoenix by Santosha Birth and Wellness.

Glow Nurture is a pregnancy tracking app, but it can also help support someone through a miscarriage by tracking symptoms, and health and emotional well-being. It includes quotes and advice for self-care such as, “take a hot bath today.”

An early pregnancy home birth plan provided by Stillbirthday.

Grieve Out Loud and Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope – both Facebook groups.

Here are links to a couple of resources that may help someone put words to the sorrow they’re experiencing — an artistic dialogue that breaks the silence around miscarriage and the article “Five Lies You Were Told About Grief”.

Sufficient Grace out of Ohio offers online support groups.

Star Legacy Foundation also offers stillbirth resources.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support MN is a good connection for local therapists who specialize in loss and postpartum.

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