Apps that can help make life a little easier

Whether you’re in the midst of first trimester morning sickness, trying to rest during your postpartum recovery, or maneuvering life with a toddler and newborn – sometimes we need a little extra help from technology. We’ve found a few apps that make Mommy-life a little easier and wanted to share them with you. If there are any we’re missing please share them in the comments below!


Amazon PrimeNOW: PrimeNOW offers 2 hour delivery with no extra shipping cost. It’s free for anyone who already has Prime!


prime photos


Prime Photos: Free for Amazon Prime members, this app offers unlimited photo storage, will automatically upload your photos, and you can access your photos anywhere.

insta cartInstacart: For grocery stores that don’t offer a delivery service, Instacart will shop and delivery your groceries for you. The first order over $10 is free, and future orders have delivery charges that vary from $8-$10.

pbs kids


PBS Kids: We’re not a big proponent of screen time for kids, but if you need a few minutes for Mommy-time this is a great app for kids to watch kid-friendly shows offered by PBS.

endless alphabet


Endless Alphabet: We’re not a big proponent of screen time for kids, but if you need an extra few minutes, this app is interactive and helps kids learn letters and letter sounds through puzzle games and animation. Check out Endless Numbers and Endless Reader too.

moment garden


MomentGarden: Save and privately share your photos and videos with loved ones.


What apps do you recommend?


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