Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Finding nursing-friendly clothes can be a challenge! Here are a few stores that have great nursing-friendly clothes, as well as some tips TCM mamas have shared.

Latched Mama – an online option that has everything from shirts to dresses to tank tops. It offers free shipping on orders over $75.

Nourish Collection – an online store that works to provide chic clothing for breastfeeding or pumping women.

Destination Maternity – located at the Mall of America this store offers a great selection of nursing tops.

Tip #1 – We’ve also heard from a lot of moms who like wearing an extra-stretchy tank tops under their normal shirt to allow for easy nursing access without buying a specifically nursing-friendly shirt. By lifting the top layer shirt, and stretching the under tank down, most tops can easily convert to nursing-friendly!

If you are looking for some sources for nursing bras, check out this post. Keep in mind that a lot of stores that sell nursing bras will also sell nursing tank tops.

Are we missing anything? Leave a note in the comments!

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