Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

August 1-7 is world breastfeeding week, and in anticipation of it we put out a call on the TCM Facebook page asking people to send in their breastfeeding selfies (or even professional shots).

I have so loved getting to see these photos arrive in our inbox. There is so much love in each of these. Sometimes nursing feels like it takes SO MUCH TIME out of every day and night. But then there comes a time where the nursing relationship ends, and then it seems like it went so fast. I have a 22 month old who decided to wean himself at 1, and a 4.5 year old who we ended up planning a “goodbye to mommy milk day” a month before she turned 4! There are times when I wish my 22 month old was still nursing, as I have fond memories of my oldest nursing during those ages/stages. But it is very much a relationship, and babies get to have a lot of say in what nursing will look like for them (surprise, surprise, parents don’t get to be fully in charge of their children, yet again!).

As I saw these photos, along with love, nourishment, and beauty, I also saw a lot of connection. Sometimes nursing can feel like a lonely or isolating task. When I think of all of my currently nursing clients, I bet some of them are nursing right now as I type this. And then thinking of all of the babes nursing in our community, in our state, in our world, there are so many people nursing in this moment! So just a reminder that if it sometimes feels lonely, there are many others in the same boat, doing the same thing.

I so enjoyed these precious photos, and I hope you do, too. Thank you to all of the amazing families who sent them over to share with all of you. (Click the images to expand them with captions.)


Happy Holidays 2016 & Happy New Year 2017!

What a wonderful year we had this 2016! We welcomed 29 new babies to families within Twin Cities Midwifery!

If you are a past or present TCM family, you should have already received your card in your mail box! If not, it means I don’t have your current address. Feel free to email any address changes to info@TwinCitiesMidwifery.com so that we can update our list!

Much love and light to each of you!

Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Finding nursing-friendly clothes can be a challenge! Here are a few stores that have great nursing-friendly clothes, as well as some tips TCM mamas have shared.

Latched Mama – an online option that has everything from shirts to dresses to tank tops. It offers free shipping on orders over $75.

Nourish Collection – an online store that works to provide chic clothing for breastfeeding or pumping women.

Destination Maternity – located at the Mall of America this store offers a great selection of nursing tops.

Tip #1 – We’ve also heard from a lot of moms who like wearing an extra-stretchy tank tops under their normal shirt to allow for easy nursing access without buying a specifically nursing-friendly shirt. By lifting the top layer shirt, and stretching the under tank down, most tops can easily convert to nursing-friendly!

If you are looking for some sources for nursing bras, check out this post. Keep in mind that a lot of stores that sell nursing bras will also sell nursing tank tops.

Are we missing anything? Leave a note in the comments!