International Babywearing Week

In honor of International Babywearing Week (Oct 2-Oct 8) we have a guest post from Jennifer Taylor from MomTricks. Enjoy!

My name is Jennifer Taylor, and I’m here to talk about babywearing, a wonderful practice that has been around for thousands of years. I believe that everyone should give it a try! There are so many great benefits of babywearing, and I’m here today to tell you about several of the best reasons to try babywearing with your little one.

Here are 7 great reasons to consider babywearing!

#1. Babies feel secure.

Suddenly being born into a new environment will naturally make babies feel overwhelmed. Being carried in a sling close to mother’s body mimics the same environment in the womb which babies have gotten used to for the past 9 months.

When babywearing, they’re close to their mother and can hear her heartbeat and breathing which will make the baby feel calm and secure. In their first three months of life, babies are still getting used to their new surroundings so being in a carrier can help them slowly adapt to the world.

#2. Baby cries less.

Carrying babies is proven to lessen bouts of crying. The swaying movement while being in a carrier and the closeness to the mother’s body help babies calm down and relax. The mother’s constant movement while wearing the baby helps them sleep longer as they are positioned comfortably in the carrier.

Additionally, babies who suffer from colic or spit-up once in a while are comforted by being in an upright position. Mothers are more in-tune with their baby’s cues when they are worn and be able to attend to them immediately.

#3. Hands-free mommy.

Mothers who wear their babies in a carrier are able to do more chores and tasks throughout the day because they have their hands free. Wearing the baby in the carrier is very convenient and is very helpful for mothers who don’t have companions.

They can bring their baby with them and even involve them in washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen, cooking meals, doing the grocery, vacuuming the floor, and a lot more!

#4. Mommy and baby bonding.

Keeping babies constantly close helps form a special bond between the mommy and baby. They get familiar with each other’s body movements and become in sync to one another. With babywearing, mothers can cherish every moment while their baby is young.

This is very helpful to those who are experiencing postpartum depression. Babies can reach out to their mothers too and create physical and emotional connections that can help them both adapt to the overwhelming changes they are experiencing.

#5. Beneficial for breastfeeding.

Babywearing also benefits breastfeeding because there is more opportunity for skin-to-skin contact that encourages production of oxytocin and prolactin.

These are two important hormones that help establish the breastmilk supply of a mother. Keeping the baby close. can help mothers determine early hunger cues and attend to them immediately, minimizing delayed nursing and crying. Babywearing also helps mothers have breastfeeding privacy because they can easily nurse the baby while worn in a public place.

#6. Babywearing is exercise.

A great way to gently lose that maternity weight is by babywearing. Regular walking and chores can already help mothers get back in shape. But mothers can enjoy different activities and have a real workout while the baby is worn.

The baby’s weight provides great aerobic exercise and getting fit is just a matter of wearing the baby and getting involved in the mother’s daily activities. Even shopping can be an exercise!

#7. It’s convenient!

Babywearing is very convenient for parents who are always out and about. Although strollers are very helpful, having a carrier helps especially when you are traveling and need to attend to errands quickly without the bulk. Carriers are very easy to wear and can be used without any assistance.





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