Healthy Easter Treats and Activities

by Lauren Froelich

If you’re looking for healthy Easter treats check out our list below. Are we missing any of your favorites? Leave your ideas in the comments section!

1. This Bunny Head Fruit Platter looks so cute…though I doubt it will keep anyone from eating it. Check out all of that delicious fruit!

2. A Fruity Flower Bouquet can brighten up your house on Easter morning.

3. Fill your Easter baskets with carrots, these homemade Goldfish Carrots, nuts, your favorite homemade trail mix, or great outside toys like sidewalk chalk, jump rope, or a new ball.

4. If you want to have an Easter egg hunt, try putting puzzle pieces or stickers in the eggs.

5. Dye hard-boiled eggs using beet juice and make these Red Beet Eggs.

6. Love this Easter Egg Basket carved out of a watermelon. What a creative idea!

7. Pick up some new books from the library that are spring-themed and hide them throughout the house to surprise your kids.

8. Make your own bunnies using hard-boiled eggs and fruit.

What other ideas do you have?

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